Article Index for Ecological Psychology Volume 2 (1990)


Perceiving Object Width by Grasping
Tin-cheung Chan, Claudia Carello, and M. T. Turvey

Illusions: Can Change of Vantage Point and Invariant Impressions Remove Deception?
John M. Kennedy and Andrew Portal

Detection of Violations of the Law of Pendulum Motion: Observers’ Sensitivity to the Relation Between Period and Length
John B. Pittenger


Control With an Eye for Perception: Precursors to an Active Psychophysics
John M. Flach

Relative Distance Perception Through Expanding and Contracting Motion and the Role of Propriospecihc Information in Walking
Hiroyuki Ito and Katsuya Matsunaga

Perception of Map-Environment Correspondence: The Roles of Features and Alignment
David H. Warren, Matt ]. Rossano, and Trevin D. Wear

Investigating a Nonconservative Invariant of Motion in Coordinated Rhythmic Movements
P. N. Kugler, M. T. Turvey, R. C. Schmidt, and Lawrence D. Rosenblum


The Ecology of Human-Machine Systems I: Introduction
John M. Flach

The Ecology of Human-Machine Systems II: Mediating “Direct Perception” in Complex Work Domains
Kim J. Vicente and Jens Rasmussen

Responses to Optical Looming in the Retinal Center and Periphery
Thomas A. Stoffregen and Gary E. Riccio

A Commentary on Kugler, Turvey, Schmidt, and Rosenblum’s Ecological Approach to Motor Systems
Arthur S. Iberall


Perceiving the Lengths of Rods That are Held But Not Wielded
Gregory Burton and M. T. Turvey

What an Actor Must Do in Order to Perceive the Affordance for Sitting
Leonard S. Mark, James A. Balliett, Kent D. Craver, Stephen D. Douglas, and Teresa Fox

All That Glistens: Water Connotations in Surface Finishes
Richard G. Coss and Michael Moore