Author Index for Ecological Psychology Volume 8 (1996)

The number after a title is the page number.


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Costall, A.-see Leudar, I.
Costall, A., & Leudar, I.-Situating Action I: Truth in the Situation 101

Davids, K.-see Scott,M.

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Flach, J., Guisinger, M., & Robison, A.- Fitts’s Law: Nonlinear Dynamics and Positive Entropy 281
Frissen, E.-see Oudejans, R.

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Garrett, S.-see Pagano, C.
Gaver, W. – Situating Action Il: The Social is Material for Design 111
Guisinger, M.-see Flach, J.

Hancock, P.-see Manser, M.

Ingold, T.-Situating Action V: The History and Evolution of Bodily Skills 71

Jeffers, R.-see Peck,A.

Leudar, I., & Costall, A.-Situating Action IV: Planning as Situated Action 153
Leudar, I.-see Costall, A.
Li, F.-X.-see Scott, M.

Manser, M., & Hancock, P.-The Influence of Approach Angle on Estimates of Time-to-Collision 71
Michaels, C.-seeOudejans, R.
Moss, L.-see Bahrick, L.

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Pagano, C., Garrett, S., & Turvey, M. T.- Is Limb Proprioception a Function of the Limbs’ Inertial Eigenvectors? 43
Peck, A., Jeffers, R., Carello, C., & Turvey, M. T.-Haptically Perceiving the Length of One Rod by Means of Another 237

Ribeiro, G. -Situating Action III: Acting Dwelling and Squatting: An Ecologlcal Approach to the Relation Between Person and Urban Environment 131
Robison, A. -see Flach, J.
Rosenblum, L., Wuestefeld, A., & Anderson, K.- Auditory Reachability: An Affordance Approach to the Perception of Sound Source Distance 1

Schmuckler, M.- The Development of Visually.Guided Locomotion: Barrier Crossing by Toddlers 209
Scott, M., Li, F.-X., & Davids, K.- The Shape of Things to Come: Effects of Object Shape and Rotation on the Pickup of Local Tau 343
Sommer, R., & Summit, J.- Crossnational Rankings of Tree Shape 327
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Turvey, M. T. -see Pagano, C.
Turvey, M. T. -see Peck, A.

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Wuestefeld, A. -see Rosenblum,L.


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