North American 1998 Poster List

Posters from May 30, 1998 North American ISEP Meeting


Anderson, K., & Turvey, M. T.
Eigenvalues of the limbs may affect perceived reach

Brown, J. M., Anderson, K. L., Carello, C., & Fowler, C. A.
Does vision influence auditorily perceived reachability?

Burke, M. M., Carello, C., & Turvey, M. T.
Independent haptic perceptions are supported by the inertia tensor

Cabe, P.
A “looming” paradox and some corollaries

Carter, M., Goldberg, R., & Valenti, S.
Perception of sports photographs: A multidimensional scaling analysis

Cooper, C. H., Carello, C., & Turvey, M. T.
Probe length, distance and angle are perceptually independent

Effken, J., & Wagle, A.
A preliminary test of displays for assessing clinical problem solving

Fajen, B. R., & Kim, N-G.
Perceiving curvilinear heading in the presence of multiple moving objects

Fay, M., Kramer, P., & Schmidt, R. C.
Dynamics of handwriting

Grutzmacher, R. P., & Pagano, C. C.
Errors in verbal and reaching responses to visual targets are not correlated

Javier, E. B., Sysko, R., & Schmidt, R. C.
Effect of remote sensing on the timing and spacing of aiming movements

Li, L., van Emmerik, R., van Wegen, E., Haddad, J., & Caldwell, G.
Variability assessment in walking and running within the gait transition region

Nelson, G. K.
Perceiving an actors intention from kinematics

Pagano, C. C., Aten, T. R., & Alley, T. R.
Perceiving the lengths of rods wielded with and without vision

Peters, B. T., Bloomberg, J. J., Layne, C. S., McDonald, P. V., & Huebner, W. P.
Eye, head, and trunk phase relationships during treadmill locomotion while viewing targets at different distances

Riley, M. A., Santana, M. V., & Mitra, S.
Adaptive dynamic changes in a rhythmic Fitts’ task performed with and without vision

Russell, M. K.
Auditory perception: Does the actual sound used really matter?

Shockley, K. D., Carello, C., & Turvey, M. T.
Specificity of perceived heaviness to mass and rotational inertia

Stroop, M., & Turvey, M. T.
Occluding edge: Metric and size constant information of gap size

van Wegen, E., van Emmerik, R., Li, L., & Haddad, J.
Interlimb and intralimb coordination in the gait transition region for walking and running

Witkowski, J., Fitzpatrick, P., & Santana, M. V.
Assessment of dynamic touch in preschool children

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