Resources for Ecological Psychology: The Book Series


All series books published by Routledge.  Here is the publisher’s link which includes links to individual titles.

(Series originally published by: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.)

          1. Reasons for Realism  (1982).    Reissued.
            Edward S. Reed and Rebecca Jones, Eds.
          2. Persistence and Change: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Event Perception   (1985).
            William H. Warren, Jr. and Robert E. Shaw, Eds.
          3. Issues in the Ecological Study of Learning  (1985).
            Timothy D. Johnston and Alexandra T. Pietrewicz, Eds.
          4. Event Cognition: An Ecological Perspective   (1986).
            Viki McCabe and Gerald Balzano, Eds.
          5. The Reciprocity of Perceiver and Environment: The Evolution of James J. Gibson’s Ecological Psychology   (1987).  Reissued.
            Thomas J. Lombardo
          6. Information, Natural Law, and the Self-Assembly of Rhythmic Movement   (1987).
            Peter N. Kugler and Michael T. Turvey
          7. Social and Applied Aspects of Perceiving Faces   (1988).
            Thomas Alley, Ed.
          8. Perception and control of self-motion   (1990).
            Rik Warren and Alex Wertheim, Eds.
          9. Michotte’s experimental phenomenology of perception   (1991).
            Georges ThinËs, Alan Costall and George Butterworth, Eds.
          10. Perceiving events and objects   (1994).
            Gunnar Jansson, Sten St¸re Bergstr–m and William Epstein, Eds.
          11. Global perspectives on the ecology of human-machine systems   Volume 1   (1995).
            John Flach, Peter Hancock, Jeff Caird and Kim Vicente, Eds.
          12. Local applications of the ecological approach to human-machine systems   Volume 2   (1995).
            Peter Hancock, John Flach, Jeff Caird and Kim Vicente. Eds.
          13. Dexterity and its Development   printed with the text of On dexterity and its development by Nicholai Bernstein, translated by Mark Latash (1996).
            Mark Latash and Michael Turvey. Eds.
          14. Ecological Psychology in Context (2001).
            Harry Heft
          15. Lectures on Perception (2018).
            Michael T. Turvey
          16. Perception as Information Detection
            Reflections on Gibson’s Ecological Approach to Visual Perception
            Jeffrey B. Wagman and Julia J. C. Blau
          17. A Meaning Processing Approach to Cognition: What Matters? (2020).
            John Flach and Fred Voorhorst.
          18. Behavior and Culture in One Dimension Sequences, Affordances, and the Evolution of Complexity (Forthcoming).
            Dennis Waters.

Series Editors:

Jeffrey B. Wagman
Julia J. C. Blau

(Editors for Volumes 1 – 14  William Mace, Robert E. Shaw and Michael T. Turvey)