Video: Visual Space Perception via Motion

A 20 minute video authored by G.P. Bingham and G. Frommer

From the distributor’s notes:

“A unique demonstration of human visual perception of motion employing computer graphics and live-action video footage. Demonstrations compare monocular and binocular cues, and the differences between static and in-motion depth perception. The presentation explores the concepts of optic array, global and local optic flows, flow vectors, and the motion paradox [oops, sic!]. A review of recent research examines the perception of structure based on motion and event perception.”

These displays combine video recordings of actual optic flows with abstract descriptions and drawings, alternating the perspective in the latter from the 3rd person (here is the optic array around a station point) to the 1st person. ISEP members might find especially useful the graphics illustrating a texture gradient and the optic array structures in the case of looming, retreat, motion parallax, local flow and global flow.

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Color, sound
Length: 20 min
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