Preparing for Arrival Back to Campus from Library and Information Technology Services (LITS)

As you plan your arrival back to campus, Library and Information Technology Services would like to remind you of the following:

Visiting the Library

  • Masks are required at all times when visiting the Library and Information Technology Center.

Connecting to WIFI

  1. If you have reset your password since your last time on campus, please Forget the eduroam network and then reconnect to it. You will then be prompted to login (login as with your new password).
  2. Mac laptops need to have the eduroam password updated in Apple’s Keychain.
  3. More information can be found on our eduroam help page, which has instructions for all of these procedures.
  4. Every device needs to be registered once every 365 days. Go to now to see when your device registrations will expire. (You may also renew them for another 365 days from this page.) If your device is no longer listed on this site, once you have connected it to eduroam or via Ethernet wired connection, launch a web browser on the device and go to any website outside of Trinity to be prompted to complete the registration process.
  5. To connect to a gaming console, Smart TV, or other device that cannot connect to eduroam, access from a computer or phone, and select “Add a Device.”
    1. Connect these devices to the Trin_IoT network (Trinity Internet of Things).
  6. Personal routers and personal wireless printers are not supported on our network at this time, and they may degrade the campus WIFI network experience for anyone in their immediate surroundings.

Password Reset

We are approaching the one-year anniversary of our cyber-attack, which occurred last September. During that incident, everyone was required to reset their passwords. If you have not reset your password since then, we encourage you to reset it now, prior to when it expires, as we are expecting a high volume of calls from people requesting assistance after their password resets. This will also preempt/avoid WIFI connection issues you would need to address again in September, if you wait to reset your credential. You can reset your password at

ID Card

If you have broken or lost your Trinity ID card, please create a ticket now at by selecting the request type ID Card Request (new, broken, lost, 21+). We will have a replacement ready for your arrival at check in.

Avoid Being Locked Out of Your Dorm Room

Do not hang anything on the inside handle of your door.

This can prevent you from opening it from the outside and will require a visit from a locksmith.

Request Added Security for Your Account with MFA – Multi-Factor Authentication 

Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in MFA at Trinity to protect their data. If you would like to opt-in for MFA, please complete this online request form.


We also have additional tips and resources you may find helpful.

Please contact the LIT Desk if you have any questions or issues:

Create a ticket

Phone: 860-297-2007


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