Seniors: Thesis Carrel Information

A limited number of study carrels (with lockers) on Level 3 can be reserved for one academic year by senior thesis writers. Thesis Carrels are given out on a first-come, first-served basis to current Senior Thesis writers in the beginning of each fall term. Study carrels without attached lockers may not be reserved, officially or […]

Faculty Jumpstart: Save the dates

On Tuesdays starting August 10th, Research, Instruction, Technology (RIT) will host a series of virtual workshops, culminating with an Open House in the RLITC. Together, these sessions will provide an opportunity to polish your syllabus, fine-tune as…

Returning to campus: strategies to reset and refocus

LinkedIn Learning provides videos and short courses that may ease the employee transition back to campus this August. “Improving Your Focus” offers multiple strategies for shutting out distractions – including those in your mind &#…

Welcome Kristen Eshleman!

LITS welcomes Kristen Eshleman as Trinity’s new Vice President for Library and Information Technology Services (LITS). Kristen will provide leadership of our merged LITS organization, and collaborate with fellow cabinet members and the President, as well as with faculty, staff, and students, to advance our strategic goals.  Kristen joins us from Davidson College in North Carolina, where she has worked for 20 years in roles related to academic technology […]