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My name is Jisoo Chung, and I am a first-year at Trinity College. Before Trinity, I went to a boarding school called Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. I am originally from Seoul, South Korea, and I still go home every winter and summer to see my family. I came to Trinity for its liberal arts education: its focus on the Humanities intrigued me as a prospective student. Currently, I am thinking about double majoring in History and Math, perhaps with a minor in Chinese. Besides academics, I write for the Trinity Tripod, the school newspaper, and volunteer with Jello Trinity at Peter’s Retreat, a housing program for STD patients in Hartford. I plan on participating more vigorously in other extracurricular activities. Besides publications and community service, I have a strong interest in 3D programming, using programs like Maya, TopMod, Rhino, Grasshopper, etc. I made a website with a compilation of my work with 3D modeling and other architectural/artistic projects (link: After Trinity, I plan to attend Business School, hopefully not too long after graduating. Then, I plan on being involved in my family business, which mainly focuses on automobiles and construction.