Learning Personal Trajectory

October 29th of 2018 I got accepted into Teach for America and was placed in Las Vegas. I had never taken an education course in my life and the only experience I had from teaching was through tutoring I did with peers or after school programs. I knew that I intend to have an impact on my future students but I had no idea how I was going to make an impact. Luckily, I was still in College and so I decided to take an education course to help me build my teaching foundation. This led me to discovering EDUC 350. Intrigued by the course description I decided to take the class. Prior to my first day of class I had no idea about pedagogies, or methods of teaching, or lesson plans, or learning objectives, or assessments and so much more. Through EDUC 350 I learned how to develop my own lesson plans and develop tactics to teaching and assessing whether or not my students understood the material. I learned how to take my lesson plans and improve them to promote higher level learning. I learned how to connect my lessons to social issues and the importance of doing such an activity. The concept of relationship building was also reinforced through learning about strategies and conversations had with teachers about how to build relationships. I also learned a strategy for getting students to lead the conversation for their own learning and how to guide it. Another aspect of teaching I also learned about was equity and the importance in considering this for every aspect of the lesson. One thing that did not click until my third lesson was the importance of assessments and tying the objectives to the lesson plans and assessments. Creating this full circle lesson plan that always lines up with the objectives creates a stronger lesson plan. I also learned the importance of activities that have nothing to do with the learning objectives and how they can be used to create an effective lesson plan. Through my workshops I encountered some challenges with getting students engaged and ensuring all the students understood the content. I had some students who did exceedingly well and others that did not try or learn much and It was difficult to engage those students when the top students were constantly answering first. There certainly are challenges in teaching a class where students are very intelligent and engaged and others that are not engaged and so they miss the concepts and fall behind. Through and through I feel that this class has given me a solid foundation for going forward with teaching and I look forward to continuing to grow and learn about more strategies for being an effective leader and creating some of my own. Going forward in Las Vegas I already have several plans in mind. I plan to start off by learning more about the community I will be teaching in, the urban issues there, the students and difficulties they face at home. Once I familiarize myself with the area and students, I plan to develop my lesson plans to meet the learning objectives, to promote their confidence in their abilities, and guide them to use their education in mathematics to address the urban issues in their communities. At the same time I also intend to engage with the students in clubs, sports, and through the community. Depending on how busy things are I also wish to help with sports and start a club to help the boys at the school become gentleman and tackle the masculinity issue. After four years in Las Vegas I intend to conquer the city and develop a foundation for addressing the urban issues and educational inequity in the county. I intend to use all my connections to build paths for students to follow their passions and provide them with the resources to do so. I am very excited and look forward to continuing to grow and create these changes.

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