Improv Acting

What tactics do actors use to truly excel at improvesational acting?

I answered this question by going to “Film and Television Literature Index” on the trincoll library site. I then proceeded to type in key words for improv and acting. I then tried improvisational theater, improvisational acting and acting improv. These searches led me to various avenues of results, culminating in good sources for the search index of “improvisational theater”. To this search key I found a couple excellent sources for research, the best being an article called “Improv’s Place in Film”. I came to this article by searching for titles with “improv” in them. I think subject searching has been much more fruitful for me in my previous searches. I have found articles that are more centered and focused on my particular topic of interest. I have found that keyword searches are good but do not always yield accurate results. In the future I will continue to rely more heavily on subject searches then I will keyword searches, based on the accuracy of the results that culminate from looking for titles.