Research On Acting

As I look to find two important sources for scholarly articles I started with “Art Full Text” and then “Reader Guide Full Text”. I thought AFT would be an excellent source for works about various art forms. In my particular account I was searching for scholarly articles which talked about acting. However I found AFT to not particularly have what I wanted so instead searched on “Reader Guide Full text” hoping to find more sources of scholarly work. I found just that. Since my major is a focus in acting in the Theatre and Dance Department, I wanted to find articles which talked about acting, inspiration for actors and also methods of acting.

When I began my quest for information I started by going to trinity college library website. I then clicked on “articles” and selected “readers guide full text” from the drop down menu. When I was at the search engine I typed in ‘acting’ and received multiple results. In order to get proper articles I selected the tab on the left ‘scholarly articles’, my results thus changed. I found a great article called “Film Acting and the Arts of Imitation” by James Naremore. It was great only I had to open the text in a pdf so when I clicked on the link to ‘check for full text’ on the left hand side. I was then brought to a new search page which selected which database to read the text on. I selected ‘JSTOR Collection” and was then brought to a new page. On this page I selected ‘View PDF’ in the tools drop down menu and thus arrived at the article.

I then decided to search on “Film and Television Literary Index” which site was also hosted by EBSCO, the same of both RGFT and AFT. I searched for acting in the first search bar and then method in the other hoping for some interesting articles.  I found some great articles most labeled as ‘academic journal’s’ which spoke to their credibility. I scrolled down to one labeled “Improv’s Place in Film” by Kale Hills. I opened the link and then selected the pdf version for an excellent piece about improvisation methods in film. I narrowed my search criteria by using the search tabs on the left hand side which allowed me to search by various topics including: title, author’s name, date published, and what format. I selected scholarly journal’s and also the tab of ‘peer reviewed’.