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Hello and welcome to my E-Portfolio. Here you will find a copy of my resume along with a few examples of my collegiate level writing.

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 I am part of the class of 2018 at Trinity College. I plan on majoring in both engineering and Physics. I am a recruited athlete for the sport of lacrosse at the attack position. After college I plan on attending graduate school for business, possibly focusing my studies on finance.

Now for a little about my life before Trinity: I grew up in Rhode Island, attending the Moses Brown School from fifth grade all the way to my graduation in the spring of 2014. I was elected to the National Spanish Honors Society my junior year along with taking part in many clubs and sports throughout my high school career. The more notable clubs where I participated were the Key Ambassador Club, a club where the members would tour prospective students around the school during open houses and host visiting students during the day, and the Peer Tutor club, a club where I would help younger students, mainly freshmen and the middle school students, with their academics.

On top of my participation in clubs I was also an avid athlete, my favorite sport being Lacrosse. I received three academic all state rewards, I was selected to two all state and all division teams by a committee of coaches, and I was also named a Brine All-American which allowed me to play in a tournament with some of the best talent found around the country. On top of those accolades I was also named team captain my senior year and at the end of the season I received the team MVP award. My love for lacrosse began around eighth grade but it was not until going into my junior year of high school that I knew I wanted to continue playing lacrosse through college. I began the college recruiting process that instant by emailing around one hundred coaches. Some coaches responded to me while others did not which allowed me to refine my list of colleges that I would have liked to attend. I knew that I wanted a small school with a fantastic reputation and world-class academics, so naturally I was interested in the NESCAC schools. I could not have been more grateful when Coach Higgins from the Trinity College lacrosse team responded to my email with interest, asking me to meet him at Trinity for a tour and an interview. Needless to say the interview went well and I was fortunate enough to be recruited by the coach. I absolutely loved the campus and felt immediately accepted by everyone I had the pleasure to meet, so I knew Trinity was the place I needed to be.

My recruiting process ended the summer before my senior year began, which is when most students begin their college search process. However at my school, Moses Brown School, I saw a major flaw in the college-counseling program that we had implemented. This flaw was that the program did not help athletes seeking to be recruited to play college sports in any way shape or form. This really irritated me because I knew firsthand how strenuous and difficult the recruiting process was and I was under the impression that college counseling was supposed to help with said process. This fundamental flaw in my school’s college-counseling program provided inspiration for my senior project, which was to work with the counseling office to develop a plan to help student athletes get recruited by college coaches. I did extensive amounts of research about the recruiting process while also using my own experience to craft a booklet that I felt contained the information that every student-athlete should know before embarking on the college recruiting process.

(Here is a link to the booklet:

When I presented my project in front of the athletics director, the head of the upper school, and countless teachers, the school administration realized that this was information needed to advance the school’s college counseling program, ultimately leading to more students getting into elite schools, so the booklet I made was posted on the school website for anyone to view. One of the more influential alumni who sat in on my presentation also felt that my information needed to be shared, so he set me up to present in front of the board of alumni at Moses Brown. I gave my booklet to the group in order for them to distribute it so that more people in the Moses Brown community would have access to the knowledge about the college athletic recruiting process, thus ending my senior project.

Thank you for taking the time to read my personal statement. I hope you found it interesting!



Jack Stallman