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Creative Expression – Rap

Jazz (We’ve Got) by A Tribe Called Quest

We’ve Got the Jazz x4

The infiltration
You’re taking over our very nation
With all the hating
Ain’t appreciating what we’ve been waiting on
I’m tryna talk to you
But you don’t listen
Consuming people’s minds
With fool’s gold that shines and glistens

You had us segregating for way too long
You fed us visions a dream
that was way too wrong
Erased our spirituals
For your race-based songs

And it goes on and on

You hurt our feelings
You kill our brothers
You make us fighters, harming others
We’re really lovers
See, I’ve been tryna be patient
Keep cool through meditation
Following my ancestors
And started trailblazing
But then you got me mixed up with somebody else
I gotta work on some things about myself
Cuz I get angry about this treatment way too fast
And I can’t seem to move on from the past

But Martin Luther, he taught us better
Birmingham, Alabama
He wrote the letter
He gave the speeches
Saw the vision
Embrace the pigment
Similarities through all the difference
I know it’s in us

X told us to stand up
Don’t put their worth aside
Don’t get knocked down, pushed over
Or be taken for a ride
Stepped on your foot? Do it right back
An eye for an eye
I’m not being attacked

We should spread LOVE
We gotta take care of our
Friends and families
Change doesn’t start unless
You pick up your feet
And that begins with you and me

We’ve Got the Jazz x4

Well, I’m just spitting all the facts
Racism, sexism
It’s truly wack
Don’t stand in our way
Cuz we clap back
Underground railroad
We’re rebuilding the tracks

I mean, I’m just saying
What kind of rules are we breaking?
Rosa Parks,
And the risk she was taking
We should do the same
Not for name, fame, or title
But for the American Bible

Standing up for natural rights
I call it petition
You call it a fight
We tryna move forward,
So we could do what we want
I hope you figure that out
By the end of this song

Seeing is believing
Achieving the meaning
Of being
And never leaving
The scene
And I’m gonna be jazzy
My people have to happy
Waited 400
Y’all need to make this snappy

Still can’t proclaim that I am free
Although we supposedly
Ended slavery
Back in the days, that would’ve been okay
But I’m forgotten
So I gotta make a way
Things gotta change
And be rearranged
I’m not gonna take things
The way they stay
We gotta help each other
We are wasting time
And I just spit the truth
All in a rhyme

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