Writing Assignment #3

Kathleen Adams 

Leadership War and Hollywood 

September 17, 2019 


The film Patton depicts the story of the controversial World War II hero, General George S. Patton. His story begins with his travels in North Africa and finishes with the invasion of Europe and the fall of the Third Reich. He works alongside the less controversial General Omar Nelson Bradley who was promoted over Patton. General Patton and General Bradley grew up with drastically different backgrounds which shaped them into the vastly contrasting military leaders they became.  

General George S. Patton was raised in a family with a very strong military background and first saw combat at the age of 31 He never really considered an occupation other than going into the military like his father. In the film, he is known for not only his accomplishments beginning with his entry into the North African campaign, he is also remembered for his controversial public statements. His temper and other faults prevented him from becoming the lead American general in the Normandy Invasion. The aggression he possessed and controversial speeches he gave also led to the end of his career as Occupation Commander of Germany.  

The colleague of General George S. Patton, General Omar Nelson Bradley, was raised in a very different setting. He was born into a family of poverty and no military background. Unlike General George S. Patton, he did not always have the plan to go into the military. Before entering the United States Military Academy at West Point, Bradley worked as boilermaker teaching school and was encouraged to take the entrance examine for the military academy.  

General George S. Patton and General Omar Nelson Bradley were raised in two very diverse backgrounds which resulted in their juxtaposed leadership traits. In order to be an exceptional military leader, you must be well liked by your army and be respected. General Patton failed to possess these two crucial points. He often disobeyed authority and became known for his aggressive statements especially towards the Soviet Union. Therefore, I would much prefer emulating General Omar Nelson Bradley. He did not have the poor reputation that General Patton had, and he was a very successful leader. Despite his non-military background, Bradley was able to pick things up quickly and gain power through his impressive leadership skills.  


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