Writing Assignment #6

Kathleen Adams 


Writing Prompt #6 

Continuing October 4th prompt 

In the film, “Saving Private Ryan”, Captain Miller makes a very poor decision that lead to bad outcomes for both himself and his unit. This bad decision of his involved him freeing a German soldier that had under their custody. His men disagreed with his controversial decision and believed they should have shot the soldier so he would not have had the opportunity to return to German forces. Captain Miller made a decision that ultimately jeopardized the success of his unit.  

One important factor a leader should take into consideration when making a decision is if it would benefit their group in the long run. I believe that this thought crossed Captain Miller’s mind, but he still made the wrong choice. Like many could have predicted, the German soldier returned to the German’s and went back into their rotation. After returning to fight for his country, the German soldier ended up shooting and killing Captain Miller. It is ironic that the decision Captain Miller made to spare the German soldiers life ended up costing him his own.  

Although there was no way to predict the fact that Captain Miller would be killed directly by the German Soldier, it is still on Captain Miller for making the decision to set him free. After his death, his until was left without a leader. A leader makes a huge impact on the success and overall morale of the group. Without Captain Miller, his unit was basically set up to fail.  

After watching the film, “Platoon”, my views on the decision made by Captain Miller did not change. I still believe that he made a poor decision that negatively impacted his unit. He should have taken the needs of the unit into consideration more before making a decision that controversial. He also made the decision without informing his men. As far as his men knew, they were shooting the soldier.  

In the film, “Saving Private Ryan”, Captain Miller makes a poor decision to set a German Soldier free. This decision ultimately ends his life and negatively impacts his unit. His decision came with a lot of consequences that he did not take into consideration. Captain Miller made a controversial decision without consulting his men which resulted in his death and the impacted the success of his unit.  

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