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Welcome, my name is Kyle Scheffers and I am a first year student at Trinity College in Hartford, CT.  I am from Flossmoor, IL, a suburb of Chicago, and graduated from Marian Catholic High School in 2014.  I chose Trinity College based on its exceptional academic resume, stunning campus, friendly student body, and strong tennis team.  Although Trinity is far away from Chicago, I feel that it is the school that best complements my skills and goals, while giving me an opportunity to expand my abilities and discover new strengths for a successful future.

I arrived at Trinity College with an outgoing and friendly personality, confidence, and the desire to work hard and succeed in all aspects in life.  At Trinity, I have discovered a new range of skills that are vital for success.  First, critical thinking is paramount to academic achievement.  Classes are challenging and good grades are earned through hard work and persistence.  Each assignment presents an opportunity to apply critical thinking skills. Every paper I write requires me to take a different point of view on various subject matters, and present my argument in convincing ways.  I have worked with different types of primary sources, written a book review to present an argument, and focused an entire paper on a small chapter of a larger work.  These tasks have forced me to think critically and multi-dimensionally about academic resources and have allowed me to develop my writing skills extensively.  Next, time management is key to being a student-athlete at Trinity College.  Trinity is a top-ranked academic and Division III sports school.  I am a member of the men’s tennis team.  Throughout the year, I have to balance my time among daily classes, studying, practices, weight lifts, and matches.  Using my time management skills, I had no unexcused absences from classes the entire semester and attended every tennis practice.  I have the skill set and motivation to handle a busy schedule and succeed to the best of my ability.

I am determined to get the most out of my four years at Trinity College.  So far, I play on the men’s tennis team and am proud to have won multiple matches at Invitationals hosted by Middlebury College and Bates College.  I look to further engage in Trinity by joining a fraternity and getting involved in their various volunteer work and on-campus engagements.  After graduation, I plan to work in the financial industry as an investment banker.  I feel that the skills I am continuing to develop at Trinity College, combined with my motivation to succeed, will prepare me for a bright future.