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Interview with Joshua Stillwagon

Questions Never taken economics before I went to college, but was interested in history and science. So it was a nice combination of the two. I get to do research on topics that I find interesting. An example would interest rates, exchange rates and the stock markets, value of the interest rates. My dissertation advisor…

Data base search Article from St Louis Federal Reserve Bank- World Bank – This article talks about how different countries around the world try to finance their expansion. It dives into borrowing patterns and how these developing nations I knew these websites from my macro history class where we were given these sites to search for…

How I evaluate information for a research assignment

The first thing I look for is a relevant book that is already in the library because I tend to trust the credibility of books that are already within our library. Then next step that I look into is by trying to find a bias within the book that would tend to filter certain facts…

Blog: Muslim immigration I evaluated this author as a person who has not witnessed ISIS from a first hand account but rather from reading second hand accounts that are paired with their own opinions. I analyzed the article and took most of the information as face value but the opinions were easy to distinguish from the “facts”…

Primary Research by Discipline: Economics

I used the to find my research. The author of the research is the United States Census Bureau. This research was created in 2010 when the United States government required that another be done because one is done every 10 years. This material contains demographics, age pyramids, race, household relationships, housing occupancy and housing…

HW #1

Kellen Self Coll- 220 Database vs. Search Engine   Scenario 1) Used the EBSCO site and did a search for Brainwashing and media where it pulled the “Art of Contrary Thinking” This book had a couple pages that directly related to how people thought that not necessarily brainwashing would occur but how we are being…