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Article from St Louis Federal Reserve Bank-


World Bank –


This article talks about how different countries around the world try to finance their expansion. It dives into borrowing patterns and how these developing nations


I knew these websites from my macro history class where we were given these sites to search for date, charts and papers that were academic and very accurate. I used these sites to find articles regarding GDP, external debt, and I believe that you could find any economic measure that you would need at these websites. I used the financing of developing nations because I have always had interest in finance either public or corporate. I chose the exchange rates because I am travelling to London this summer for a study abroad program and decided that exchange rates would be an interesting article related to my future plans.


My keywords were: USA economy, Real GDP, growth rate,


One of the main items that I noticed was the search bar could find you the main idea of what you wanted but most economic sites have their own parameter that can narrow or broaden your search within your initial search bar. I would use there databases again because of the relevance of data that is accurate and up to date make these data bases incredibly relevant in my major.