Project Information and Updates

About Kaltura:

Information Services has licensed a new platform, Kaltura, for sharing video content both within the campus community and with our external constituencies. Kaltura has a long-standing reputation in higher education, is widely used by our peer institutions, and will significantly improve faculty’s ability to teach with film. Hosted in the cloud, Kaltura lets students and faculty upload content or watch videos from anywhere and any device. It integrates with Moodle, lets users create film clips, and it comes with an easy screen capture tool and robust captioning options. Video and caption quality from Kaltura will be superior to the quality delivered by our current streaming configuration, resulting in a better experience for students.


  • On Thursday, April 5, there will be a Common Hour on Kaltura and Trinflix  in the LITC Room 181 classroom.

  • As of March 28, Kaltura is available from within Moodle. This means that when you login to Moodle and open a course, you will see a link called Kaltura Media Gallery at the end of the course navigation. In the future when we offer course video content through Kaltura, this is what students and faculty will click on to see videos for their course.Also, if you expand the Dashboard in the upper left corner of navigation you will see “My Media” – this is essentially your individual media library that you can upload to and it goes with you regardless of what courses you are enrolled in or teaching. This is also where you can access Capturespace, the screen capture tool to make a recording, save, edit, and upload to Kaltura.


Kaltura vs. Trinflix: 

  • Kaltura will serve as our new platform for Trinflix reserve video services beginning Fall 2018.
  • The Library is committed to continuing our current services regarding course viewing assignments: faculty may continue to request that unique video material be digitized and streamed so that their students can watch film content via the Web.
  • The only thing that is changing is the hosting and delivery mechanism: instead of using our homegrown Trinflix system to stream videos, we are going to upload our content to Kaltura, which is hosted in the cloud.
  • Videos streamed from Kaltura will be accessed via Moodle, instead of the separate Trinflix Web page.
  •  We are planning to pilot and test Kaltura this Spring, and put it into full production for Fall 2018 for course viewing assignments. This is likely when Trinflix will be retired.

Kaltura vs. Kanopy and other content

  • Kaltura is not a content package; it is video streaming technology that we are using to deliver our own content.
  • There are three other film content packages that the Library subscribes to, Kanopy, Films on Demand, and Swank, which can also provide embedded video content in Moodle, however, while each of these packages contains valuable titles (e.g. Criterion Collection, documentaries, feature films) none of these streaming video catalogs are comprehensive. They would be used in combination with our content streamed through Kaltura.
  • We recognize that many important film titles are not yet available through any streaming license; they are only available on DVD. Technological tools like Kaltura will allow us to provide access to these titles for classroom use efficiently and at high quality.

If you have questions or would like an introduction to Kaltura, please contact Katie Bauer