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Improving BIPOC-LGBTQ+ Representation in the Leisure Reading Collection

To ensure that our collection continues to be reflective of the many voices of our campus community a group of librarians evaluated the representation of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ authors and characters in the library’s Leisure Reading Collection.  The goal of this evaluation was to determine where the collection fell short in representation of typically underrepresented groups.  The broad results of the evaluation are as follows:

Total Leisure Reading Titles BIPOC-LGBTQ+ Author Black Main Character LGBTQ+ Main Character Asian Main Character Latinx Main Character Multiracial Main Character Indigenous Main Character
459 129 66 46 33 13 9 3
  28% 14% 10% 7% 3% 2% .01%

Now comes the exciting part: filling the gaps!  Using this data, the librarians involved in the evaluation created a list of potential new books to purchase written by authors and featuring characters belonging to the groups we identified as having the least representation in our current collection.  But what we would really love is suggestions from the Trinity community.  If you have any titles you would like the library to add to the Leisure Reading or Graphic Novels collections, particularly if they are written by authors or feature characters belonging to typically underrepresented groups, please let us know!  You can place purchase requests here.

April 4, 1967 Beyond Vietnam

The Radical King Book CoverApril 4 marks the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s denunciation of the Vietnam war in his speech “Beyond Vietnam.” Delivered at the Riverside Church in New York City, King urged his audience to work toward a revolution in values that would say of war “This way of settling differences is not just.” Linking opposition to the war to the battle for racial equality, King was widely condemned for his anti-war views.  There will be an online reading of his talk this Sunday.

Related reading in the Trinity Library Collection:
King, Martin Luther, and Cornel West. The Radical King . Boston: Beacon Press, 2015. Print. Main Collection E185.97.K5 A5 2015

“Vietnam War (1964–1973).” Not in Our Name. Pennsylvania State University Press, 2012. 131–. Web.


Videos for Course Reserves

Due to very heavy demand and limited staff in the Raether Library and Information Technology Center, processing of faculty video requests for course reserves may be delayed by as much as two weeks, and could be longer if we need to purchase a new DVD. Please submit requests well in advance of class need.  We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

Library & IT survey – Chance to win an iPad Mini

Students: Library and Information Technology Services (LITS) needs your help in fine-tuning our new website (check out our new site at Your feedback will help us make sure it is user-friendly and easy to navigate for students at Trinity.

Providing feedback is easy. Just go through this brief online questionnaire, which asks you a series of questions about where you would click in order to find something on the new website.

At the end of the questionnaire you can also indicate if you are interested in answering some additional questions in a one-on-one Zoom meeting with an LITS staffperson. Participation in one of these sessions earns a $5 Peter B’s Gift Card.

Everyone who completes a questionnaire is entered into a randomized drawing for an iPad Mini!

For questions, please contact Amy Harrell, The questionnaire closes on April 9.

Take the questionnaire

Trinity Library Now Part of JStor’s new Open Community Collections!

Driver Training, Hartford, 1957

Trinity Library is excited to  partner with JStor and a select few institutions in an  initiative for sharing local digitized collections. The new JStor Open Community Collections platform now hosts a growing number of Trinity College digitized image and text collections sourced from Trinity College Archives and Libraries.  Totaling over 20,000 items and spanning more than a century, it includes Ivy yearbooks, Tripod newspapers, archival photos, postcards, playbills, prints, manuscripts, and more. The collections which are public may be accessed directly on our Trinity College portal in JStor, but Trinity users may choose to authenticate for access also to other JStor content. Searches of our collections can be conducted from the Trinity portal or from the JStor database, with search capabilities to expand in future.

Browse more Open Community Collections or read the JStor blog post celebrating 350 collections and highlighting among them our Watkinson Library’s Book of Hours and British Theater Playbills collections.

Carnival, Trinidad: Young Girls in Costume, ca. 1998.

Tripod Jan.31, 1930.



Our Library has been Invited to Participate in OCLC’s New Express Digital Delivery Program!

OCLC’s New Express Digital Delivery Program!

Our library has been asked to join a new program called OCLC Express Digital Delivery, which is an exclusive group of libraries that consistently deliver articles and digital resources within 18 hours or less. Out of 54,000 libraries, ours falls with a group of 1,100 libraries chosen for this program. We were chosen because our library is within the top 10% of libraries that offer a speedy digital resource turnaround time.

On top of increased delivery speeds in digital resources, we now have access to 569,057,004 holdings, 21,261,610 of which are unique, and it comes at no additional cost!

It’s truly an honor that our library has been selected to join this program and is a true reflection of our Interlibrary Loan Team’s commitment to service delivery.

Placing Requests

We encourage Trinity community members to take full advantage of our interlibrary loan service. If you need an item beyond our library’s offerings, please place an interlibrary loan request.

Ways you can submit a request:

  • Search for the item in WorldCat. Chose “Request item through Interlibrary Loan.” You will then log in to your interlibrary loan account and submit the request.
  • Search for an article in Onesearch using the Everything scope. If there is no link to full-text, use the Request Through Interlibrary Loan link. You must be logged in to see all requesting options.
  • Use one of the blank request forms available after you login into your ILLiad account.

If you have any questions regarding our Interlibrary Loan service, please send an email to or give us a call (faculty/staff x2100 & students x2007).


Interlibrary Loan COVID-19 Initiative

In April 2020, the ILL staff opted to join an emergency COVID-19 initiative that our resource sharing partner, Rapid ILL, had set up. This initiative was to help support libraries across the world that may not have the same funding or access to resources as we do. Collectively, this helped to support the resource sharing efforts of over 200 libraries in 30 countries. These libraries were able to obtain materials for their users that would have been difficult, if not impossible, to obtain otherwise. At the end of the project, nearly 35,000 requests were filled for non-Rapid ILL libraries. Trinity alone was able to process 233 of these requests between April and August on top of our own normal request load.  Much of this effort is attributed to the work done by our ILL staff members: Marcelino Velez, Jose Pena, and Josef Riccio. Thank you to everyone involved in this effort!

Timely Reminder–Get Course Reserve Requests In Now for Spring

Media The Library is experiencing a much heavier than normal number of digitization requests for course support. Video support is especially staff time-intensive, and all course reserve work has been slowed down by Covid-19 restrictions. Staff work as hard as possible to fill requests, but to avoid delays and to be sure that materials will be ready when you need it, please allow a minimum of two weeks processing time.  Fill out a ticket today to get the process started.

Holiday Library and IT Services

Staff are on HolidayTrinity College Library and IT staff have been working hard and will be on holiday from Monday December 21 until January 4, 2021. During our break, we will have a student staff person checking emergency requests, ID and door problems. Interlibrary loan, CTW borrowing and digitization for course reserves will be suspended during this time.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday.


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