Writing Prompt #5

Luke Kellan

Writing Prompt #5 (Leadership, War, and Hollywood) 



One character in the film “Bridge Too Far” that displayed a willingness to motivate his followers to accomplish a desired goal was Major General Simms. He was a man of great commitment to the 1st airborne corps and a senior medical officer in the British army. Simms, as referred to in the film, was a very decorated soldier and received many awards throughout his career. 

One scene in the film that was a great example of the use of  PGT was when General Simms and Fuller were having a discussion outside. Although the scene was short, the message behind it was powerful which was to never leave a man behind. Major Fuller tried to resist what his superiors wanted him to do, which was to take time off for medical reasons. However, his efforts did not pay off. Major Simms helped Fuller overcome the obstacle of initially disagreeing with his original offering but soon persuaded him otherwise. The two men found a solution and Fuller’s self-efficiency was boosted immensely whilst sufficing the main goal of the British army.  

The film “Bridge Too Far” has many scenes and character portrayals that display great leadership roles. The PGT was most effective way of thinking when helping motivate followers to accomplish a desired goal. This theory proved to be very important when leading a group of soldiers it improves the entirety of both the leader and his followers. In the army there are many obstacles to overcome both good and bad but it is how a leader shows his followers how to adapt, learn, and overcome these hardships to keep pressing on to achieve the goal they set from the beginning of the journey.      

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