Writing Prompt #4

Mohamed Abouali

Leadership, War & Hollywood

Due Date: 09/06/2019

A historical figure who was a great leader. What made him or her so influential?

Peer Review: Aidan Cavanaugh

One of the great historical figures who was also very influential is Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is an innovator, a founder and a revolutionary. He founded Apple at only 21 years old.  The world famous, multi-billion dollar company has been a massive influence in the world of technology. I will discuss how he has changed his leadership traits and stayed motivated and influential throughout the highs and lows of his career, and how he has reacted to his workforce’s demands.

What makes him so influential and such a great leader is not the fact that he founded Apple, but how he came back into power. He was re-assigned the CEO position after the board of Apple chose to remove Jobs as the head of Macintosh, due to its lack of success and his immoral style of leadership. It was reported he would never take the ideas of others, and was very selfish on giving others a say. because of those reports, he was demoted from the CEO position, which led him to resign from the company altogether on September 16th, 1985. However, Jobs did not let this affect his motivation to become a successful businessman. During his time away, he founded NeXTcube and Pixar, which is now one of the biggest animation film companies. Jobs’ company NeXTcube was later bought by his former company Apple for around 430 million dollars, and it also secured him a job as an adviser for Apple. Within a year of working there, Apple’s CEO, Gil Amelio, resigned after leading Apple into its worst-ever financial quarter, which gave Steve Jobs the opportunity to take upon the job until they find a suitable replacement. He also changed his mindset and was more kind as he has learnt from his mistakes.  Soon after, he was promoted to ICEO (interim CEO).  Through hard work and dedication, Jobs was able to save Apple from its downfall and finally developed the iMac (Macintosh) into a great product. This then allowed him to regain his position as permanent CEO of Apple.  The workforce who once thought of Jobs as a selfish leader had a changed opinion, since he began to treat his coworkers with respect. Steve Jobs went from a authority-compliance management style to a to a team management style of leadership within Apple Inc.  This portrays the great levels of self-control and willingness to change for the better. He has understood that no mater how much money you have, if you aren’t humble, kind and open-minded then you will not be a good leader.

Sadly, Jobs had to resign from Apple due to cancer and passed away on 2011. Nonetheless, even with him not being present anymore, he still remains a great influence within the company. Jobs is a great leader and influencer due to his ability to always be able to come back from unmanageable situations, such as transitioning from CEO to being jobless. Having gone through the process of starting from the bottom and working for an unsuccessful leader (Gil Amelio), it allowed him to reshape the way he led and influenced those around him. Steve Jobs had such a great influence even his rivals helped him. For example, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft which is Apple’s biggest competitor, invested 150 million dollars into the company to save them from bankruptcy. Even in a cutthroat environment, Jobs was able to receive help from his main rival, which truly shows his change from those around him, which definitely makes him an influential person. 


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