Writing prompt #5

Matt Almansi 

October 11th, 2019 

Professor Powell 



In the movie, A Bridge Too Far, General Sosabowski displayed a very strong example of path-goal theory by objecting to Market GardenSosabowski was always asking questions and challenging the popular beliefs for the sake of the soldiers under his command. He shared the same goal as every general and solider. However, the path he wanted to take was different from the others and he actively voiced his concern. Sosabowski had much concern for his soldiers and made many attempts to fit the structure of the path the allies should follow for the operation. 

At the beginning of the film, all the generals are sitting in on a meeting held by Field Marshall Montgomery. They devise a plan that would become operation Market Garden, the largest paratrooper assault to have ever taken place and a major loss that allies had suffered. Patton and Montgomery ultimately had the same goal, which was to surround the German occupation which would give the allies a strategic advantage since they would be able to cut off supplies and move in on the remaining Nazis. Market Garden was supposed to be the devastating blow. However, Montgomery had grossly underestimated the German force in the area and Sosabowski had sensed that. Sosabowski made multiple requests to either delay the operation until more intel was gathered or flat out cancel the assault. He went so far as to even ask for a paper stating he was forced to act under his command because of how much he opposed the plan.  

Sosabowski displayed path-goal leadership by showing how much he cared for his soldiers, and how made attempts to reroute the direction the plans were going for the sake of his men. He was motivated to end the war and fulfill his duties in the best way possible, but always showed his support and concern for the soldiers under his command. Sosabowski showed immense directive and initiative by how resistant he was towards Montgomery and the other Generals. 

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