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I chose to categorize these three together because from Google and searching the web, these three were different then the sources I have in my post “Google: A Great Place to Start!”. Those sources were mostly street art blog sites, featuring many graffiti artists around the world. These sources are the sources that are specific to Blu and his work. I found these sites more helpful in some respects, like biographical information or updates from Blu himself. Similar to his Facebook page, which could fit here, but I have in the Social Media post, Blu’s blog is full of updates on where he is, what he is doing, future canvases (blank walls on buildings), and even pictures of his vacation getaways. Since Blu’s art is on buildings, he can not sell copies, so instead he sells DVD’s of all his work, from his website.

Blu’s Website is a website for the home of Blu. It includes all things Blu; shop, updates, images, videos. This website is full of what Blu wants his fans to see, its his closest interaction with his followers. Blu could have been more helpful in that on his site, where he has pictures of just about all his works, he does not include a title, the dimensions of the mural, how long it took him. In fact he does not include anything; when I press the photo it brings me to another window with a blank screen except for the image. And, unfortunately, if Blu isn’t going to share these details, no one is, because no one knows them (for most of his murals, besides the couple at museums).

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