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Books were my least helpful sources for researching Blu. I could not find, even with help, any books in the Trinity Library that had anything to do with Blu more than a picture of one of his works. There were however, a couple books about graffiti, graffiti artists, and the culture of street art. After skimming through each, I picked Wacławec’s book because her seemed the most informative. The other books had more of a story book feel to them, so I did not bother reading them. Also, the information I was looking from this, because the book is not actually about Blu, was all there in Graffiti and Street Art. She talked about tagging, “throwies” or throw-ups, pieces, and murals. Overall, the book resource was not very strong for me, but this book was decently informative despite it not being what I was originally looking for.

Wacławec, Anna. Graffiti and Street Art. New York. Thames & Hudson, 2011. Print.

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