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Books were my least helpful sources for researching Blu. I could not find, even with help, any books in the Trinity Library that had anything to do with Blu more than a picture of one of his works. There were however, a couple books about graffiti, graffiti artists, and the culture of street art. After… Continue Reading

Social Media

I believe because of Blu’s anonymity, social media was not a huge resource for me. Although he is regularly active on his Facebook page, where he posts pictures of his works and other messages or statuses, there is not much else to find from Blu out there. He does not have a Twitter page or… Continue Reading

Museum Collections

As repetitive as this is getting, Blu does not have much work with museums. He really is a street artist. He is anonymous and evidently is not very interested in fame and fortune. His work at the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA is some of the only work he has done in the United… Continue Reading

Dealer and Artist Websites

I chose to categorize these three together because from Google and searching the web, these three were different then the sources I have in my post “Google: A Great Place to Start!”. Those sources were mostly street art blog sites, featuring many graffiti artists around the world. These sources are the sources that are specific… Continue Reading

Google: A great place to start!

Google was helpful in that it played out for me websites that were about street art as a whole that talked about Blu. It was beneficial in that I also ended up using these sites to see other street art/artists, and learn more about the culture of it. Google directed me to the ranches of… Continue Reading

Why I Choose Blu

What I hope to learn from my artist, Blu, is what is it in his works that, compared to other modern artists, is so empowering and allegorical. I want to learn to relationships between him and my world, and what influences he has had in his life.I am interested in Blu’s overall purpose of creating… Continue Reading

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