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Google: A great place to start!

Google was helpful in that it played out for me websites that were about street art as a whole that talked about Blu. It was beneficial in that I also ended up using these sites to see other street art/artists, and learn more about the culture of it. Google directed me to the ranches of these sites that were about Blu. Unfortunately, because the sources were not created to be specific to Blu, the write-ups and works they featured, were inconveniently similar. I do not mean to say that they were not worth the read, I mean there was not a lot there, just short entries and such him and works of his.

Street Art Utopia

A website very helpful in that it is a collection, or a self-acclaimed ‘Utopia’ of worldly street art. The have a feature of a collection of Blu’s work. However, a problem with sourcing this website is the site is strictly pictures of his work, and links to where the got the picture from (usually his Facebook). So, there is no write-up about what Blu means with his work, or how long he worked on it, or anything. But in search of his best works, this website was a good find.

Street Art Bio

Street Art Berlin

‘Why Street Art Matters’



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