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As repetitive as this is getting, Blu does not have much work with museums. He really is a street artist. He is anonymous and evidently is not very interested in fame and fortune. His work at the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA is some of the only work he has done in the United States. One would think an artist who is interested in the lime light would at least try to include the U.S.A. Probably the most famous graffiti artist today, Banksy, was studied by my fellow classmate and good pal John Caraviello. John enlightened me on the fact that Banksy has done a fair amount of work in the US. Sure, thats not the only reason for Bansky fame, by any means, but there is definitely a correlation there.

Tate Museum

News on Blu’s mural at MOCA 

One of Blu’s featured exhibitions was at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), where his mural was later painted over by the MOCA director. His work was many coffins with US one dollar bills on top the coffins, instead of american flags, like the ones on soldiers coffins. Due to the location of the mural, the MOCA director covered it up because he said it may offend the veteran hospital which is not too far away. Blu says this is basically censorship. It was interesting to hear about controversy with Blu’s work, and especially that this censorship took place in the land of the free, where we pride ourselves on our rights like freedom of speech.


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