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I believe because of Blu’s anonymity, social media was not a huge resource for me. Although he is regularly active on his Facebook page, where he posts pictures of his works and other messages or statuses, there is not much else to find from Blu out there. He does not have a Twitter page or an Instagram account, unlike his competitor banksy, which are the two social medias battling for Facebook’s ‘top spot’. On those sites, thanks to the hashtag (#), however, I did find people from all over the world positing about Blu and pictures of his works, so that was better than nothing. Blu’s activity on Youtube, however, was a large part of my research.

Blu’s Youtube Channel

Thankfully, Blu’s activity on Youtube is as regular as his painting of murals.┬áBlu has a big interest in time-based painting, and Youtube allows him to share these videos with the world. As I discussed in my presentation, Blu makes two kinds of videos: He makes videos of his murals as he makes them, and also makes videos of thousands of pictures of a developing painting put together so it appears a moving video. The ‘making-of’ videos are interesting in that it shows how Blu alone creates a massive mural in a handful of sunrises and sunsets, as seen from the videos. The ‘time-lapse art’ videos were what sold me on Blu. I believe them to be his most impressive artworks as they really are an exciting spin-off from graffiti art.

 BLU and ERICAILCANE at Lazzaretto Video

Blu’s Facebook ‘Timeline’ Profile

Blu’s Van-Full of Equipment photo



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