Before Trinity College, I thought I knew exactly what kind of person I intended to be while I was here.  I knew I loved languages and travelling, so I assumed that I would follow that particular track through the classes I took and the activities I took part in. Although these interests have remained, I have since decided that there is so much more that I can be. I have since decided that because there are so many opportunities for me to expand my learning horizon, to follow up on those opportunities in order to become the most well rounded person that I could be. I strive to excel in classes that I am unfamiliar with, like history, and even though I may find them challenging I am able to see the different experience and skills that I am retaining throughout the course of that particular class. I intend to continue to participate in and hope to eventually become a leader of the variety of different clubs that I participate in because I have found that my experience from these activities has been valuable and worthwhile.

By the time my four years at Trinity College is over, I want to be able to  say that I did everything in my power to become as well rounded of a student and community member that I could be. In order to do this, I have been taking a variety of different courses from many different subjects and I have become very involved in a variety of different campus life committees. I love being busy and I would find it extremely challenging if I wasn’t highly involved, therefore it takes some extra time and effort in order to stay organized and on a track to success.