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Trinity College (Hartford, CT) Admissions Tour Guide

I always wanted to be a tour guide. Ever since I started following my brother around on tour for his college search when I was still in middle school, something about the guides’ knowledge and passion for their school was something that I wanted to experience. Being a tour guide at Trinity is constantly leaving me with new experiences in addition to how much I enjoy doing it.

For one, it has helped me with my public speaking skills. Although an average tour is only around 10 people, being able to speak for an hour straight about facts that I have previously memorized while also adding my personality and personal experience to the script is something that I was not always good or confident in doing.

Additionally, it has taught me to think on my feet. I have received a variety of different questions over the last two semesters that are ones that you cannot prepare for. When attempting to answer these unforeseen questions, I am required to be able to figure out an appropriate response, one that will reflect positively on myself and on Trinity College while also providing the prospective student or parent with an honest response. Although I may have had some experience with this skill prior to being a tour guide, overall my experiences have allowed for me to develop this skill to a greater degree.

I continue to enjoy my time spent as a tour guide and I think my experiences will develop my social skills along with developing valuable techniques for the future.

Community Service Involvement

For me, community service is much more than a task that someone does to keep busy or make themselves feel better about themselves. Instead, it is a way for me to fulfill a genuine desire I have to give back to my community, no matter where that community is at different points in my life.… Continue Reading