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House System Advisory Board

I am someone who enjoys being involved in decision making. I have always found that I am often able to see both sides of conflicts and am able to see the potential in things that have not yet occurred. Last year, I was able to be a part of a group of students that were selected to assist the deans and department heads of Trinity College with coming up with a plan to create a “House System” within the dormitories of Trinity College. This had been a longstanding goal of former President Jimmy Jones, and there were many people trying to put it into action. Although the plans have been put on hold, primarily due to our college receiving a new President who has different priorities, I gained valuable experience by being able to sit in discussions with my superiors and peers and the fact that I was able to work on creating something that did not exist.

Overall I am very happy that I was given the opportunity to gain this experience while at Trinity College. Being able to brainstorm ideas that at the time I believed were going to be executed made me really that my ideas needed to be realistic and attainable.

Community Service Involvement

For me, community service is much more than a task that someone does to keep busy or make themselves feel better about themselves. Instead, it is a way for me to fulfill a genuine desire I have to give back to my community, no matter where that community is at different points in my life.… Continue Reading