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Summer Internship at Fallon

The summer before my sophomore year I was able to have an incredible experience as an intern at the advertising agency, Fallon Worldwide ( Although I was one of the youngest interns at Fallon, I was able to take away an incredible experience throughout my 10 weeks there.

One of my most meaningful projects throughout my internship was completely the assignment of giving an individual “Ted Talk” with the topic of your choice. We were then required to present our 7 minute long presentation to a room of people that consisted of our fellow interns, our mentors, and the executive members of the Fallon team. I not only was required to practice relentlessly due to the fact that I was not encouraged to bring up a piece of paper for reminders for when I spoke, but I also needed to create a visual presentation that would keep people engaged with my topic. My topic was “My Life as an Empath”, something that was deeply personal but also informative for my audience. I received very positive feedback from my superiors and was very proud of my work. The public speaking aspect of it is a skill and experience that I will be able to take with me to many different areas of my life.

Another of the more memorable assignments that I had as an intern at Fallon was to work in a group to come up with a brand that our group felt that Fallon should pitch. By doing this, we needed to come up with a certain brand that would not only be compatible with Fallon in terms of the overall environment of the company’s employees, but also in terms of their current status in the market, if they were looking for a new agency, to name a few of the things we were required to look for.

Working as an intern at Fallon provided me with a great deal of experience that I had never had before along with the fact that it allowed for me to create very meaningful relationships with a variety of people in that particular industry