Using the Blind Grading Feature

One of the great features that Moodle allows for is blind grading, where the name of the student submitting the assignment is not known to the instructor. When you create a new assignment in Moodle, one of the many settings that can tailored is the “Grading” setting. One grading option is “Anonymous Submissions,” which you can switch to “yes” as shown on the screenshot below.

Students are then each assigned a Participant ID number in place of their name. You can choose to “reveal student identities” (see screenshot below), but this would work only after all the assignments have been graded to keep this process blind.

To make sure that the grading remains blind, it is worthwhile to ask students not to include their names in the submitted pdfs or Word documents.

Activities: Group self-selection

Group self-selection allows students to create and select groups to enhance collaboration and learning experience.

To add a group self-selection activity, make sure to click Turn editing on in the top right part of the screen. In the course Section where you willadd the activity, at the bottom-right of the Section, click + Add an activity or resource. The Add an activity or resource window will open. In the Add an activity or resource window select Group self-selection. A description will be displayed at right.Click Add. The Adding a Group self-selection page opens:

The features of this activity:

  1. Students are able to create groups, give them description and protect them with passwords.
  2. Students can select and join groups.
  3. Supervisors are assigned to groups (the default is a non-editing teacher, but it can be changed).
  4. Teachers are able to export group lists in a cvs-file.
  5. Group self-selection is fully compatible with Moodle groups and, hence, supports group assignment submissions.

The instructor can regulate the extent to which these features can be used by modifying general permissions in the editing mode of the activity as shown below.

Once students join a group, they cannot change group membership themselves. The instructor must remove the student from the group they joined.