Assignment Submission

The Moodle Assignments tool is a great way to have students submit their work to you. It will free up space in your email inbox, store all student submissions in a consistent location, and allow you to give students feedback online. It can also help mitigate issues where large files get “stuck” in student’s email outboxes and arrive in your inbox late (Moodle records detailed submission time information, and usually uploads files faster than they can be emailed). You can give the students ‘template’ files, and also accept short text submissions (rather than full files) or audio/video recordings. There’s also a variety of feedback types you can provide, including annotated PDFs and audio responses. Continue reading “Assignment Submission”

What can students or my TA see and do in Moodle?


You can easily switch views to see what students, TAs and other types of participants see in your Moodle course. Once any course is visible to students, you can check visibility permissions under the by clicking the gear icon on top right corner of page and select “more”.

You will be brought to the Course Administration page

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