How to Backup Your Moodle Courses

There are two methods for backing up your Moodle courses: downloading instructor files and creating a Moodle archive. The download instructor files option allows you to download a .zip file with all the materials of the Moodle course in their original file formats (i.e. PDF, docx, etc), while creating a Moodle archive produces an .mbz file that you can import into another Moodle course. Continue reading “How to Backup Your Moodle Courses”

Using the Marking Workflow to Control the Release of Grades

The Marking Workflow is an easy way to control the release of grades for an assignment. You can assign grades and give feedback over a period of time but only allow students to see those grades when you are finished with the whole class. Normally students will see the grades and feedback as soon as it is entered. Continue reading “Using the Marking Workflow to Control the Release of Grades”

Using Restrictions on an Assignment

Restrictions are an extremely useful tool embedded within assignments that allow the instructor to control whether or not a student is able to attempt an assignment based on the date, the student’s grade, prior assignment completion, and much more. Restrictions can also be used for any activity or resource in Moodle, such as a quiz or file viewing. Continue reading “Using Restrictions on an Assignment”

Copy materials from another course

It is very easy to import materials, including course section descriptions, files, quizzes and assignments, from a previous course rather than reloading them. During this import,  you do not have to include student submissions and grades, which would be the most commonly-used option.

First, go to the course site that you want to import materials to. Continue reading “Copy materials from another course”

Create an Assignment

First, make sure editing has been turned on in the course, as described in the “Editing a Course” post.

Go to the course section (week or topic) where you want to create an assignment.  From the “+Add an activity or resource” link, choose   Assignment under Activities.  Then click on the assignment icon and you will then be working within the Adding a new Assignment window.  Continue reading “Create an Assignment”