Giving Extra Time for a Test, Quiz or Assignment

For students with the accommodation of extended test time, you will need to adjust the total time for a test, quiz, and if applicable, an assignment. You may also want to change the time of an exam or assignment for students in a different time zone. This is done easily using a User Override. If you are adjusting for a group of students, use the Group Override option.

Start by clicking on the test, quiz or assignment from the main content area. In the right side of the screen click on the gear. You can choose Group override if you want to set an override for a group of students or User override if you want to set an override for individual students.

On the next screen, click the button to add the override. You will see the default settings for the quiz, test or assignment. Choose the student(s) or Group(s) then change the settings as needed. For a test or quiz, you can change the time it opens, closes and the time limit as shown below.

For an assignment, you can change the time to start accepting submissions, the due date and the cut-off date as shown below. To avoid confusion and questions, it is important to change the due date, not just the cut-off date. The cut off date and time is not visible to students. If only the cut-off date is changed, students with extended time will have no way of seeing exactly when their assignment is due. They will receive a message that it is late if submitted past the original due date.

You can add multiple overrides by clicking the “Save and enter another override” button. For example, you could give one student an extra 30 minutes on an exam and another student an additional hour. Or for an assignment you may set different due dates as needed.

If you have questions or need assistance with extending time, please contact your Instructional Technologist.