Giving Extra Time for a Test, Quiz or Assignment

Often you will need to grant specific students extra time to take a test, quiz, or submit an assignment. This can be done easily using a Group or User override.

Start by clicking on the quiz or assignment you would like to add an override to from the main content area.

In the right side of the screen you can see a gear. Click on it.

You can choose Group override if you want to set an override for a group of students or User override if you want to set an override for individual students. On the next screen click the button to add an override.

You will see the default settings for the Quiz or Assignment. Choose the student(s) or Group(s) you want to give extra time then change the settings as desired. You can change the due dates, the times an assignment or quiz is available and the time limit set for a Quiz.

You can add multiple overrides for different groups or students by clicking the “Save and enter another override” button. For example, you could give one student an extra 30 minutes on an exam and another student an hour.