Moodle 4 beta testing

Thank you for participating in the beta testing for Moodle 4.1

While there are many changes in this new version of Moodle, by far the most obvious is the navigation menus and icons.

If you have issues or question please let us know

Preliminary Information
The New Dashboard
Course Pages
For More Information

Some preliminary information and suggestions:

  • Login at and select “Trinity users login”
  • In order to make it easier for students we recommend you make the course available on the main Moodle system and post the link above to the test server
  • Enrollments will be updated daily same as before
  • You can copy materials from a previous course but you won’t be able to use the standard import option. You will have to export a backup from the old server and restore it in the new course as described here: (this only applies during the beta test – the import feature will work as usual once we roll out the upgrade for everyone)

The new Dashboard

You will notice things have moved around on the Dashboard.

  • The old dashboard is on the left below and the new on the right.
  • The Course Overview Block now has been moved to its own tab.
  • Blocks that were displayed on the right hand side of the page are still there but now collapsed by default in the block drawer.
  • You will also see a button to turn editing on and off at the top right of every page.
Current Dashboard
New Dashboard

Course site pages

In your course site you will see a number of cosmetic changes:

  • You can open and collapse the navigation menu on the left, and the block drawer on the right.
  • Click My Courses to go back to the list of your courses.
  • The settings icon is replaced with the settings link
  • Participants and grades can be found in this same navigation menu rather than in the left hand navigation menu.
  • There are all new icons for files and activities.

For more information

To read more about the new features in the latest version of Moodle: