Using Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor

Respondus remote proctoring of exams is now available for any Moodle quiz activity. There are two proctoring systems available:

  1. LockDown browser, where students take the quiz through an application on their desktop that does not allow internet activity, web browsing or the use of any other applications.
  2. Respondus Monitor, which uses a webcam to monitor the student during the exam. Recordings are saved and then can be viewed by the instructor. You must also use LockDown browser in order to use Respondus Monitor.

To get started with Respondus, turn on editing in your Moodle course, and then select ‘Add a block.’ Choose the Respondus block, and then you will access the Respondus dashboard through the block. It is recommended that you post a practice quiz for your students so they can get comfortable with using Respondus before using it with a high-stakes assessment. Note that LockDown Browser is only available for Mac, PC and iPads.

Students will need to install the LockDown Browser application before starting a quiz, so faculty should build extra time into the quiz if there has not been a practice quiz. Students wanting to install the software ahead of time should go to

It is also recommended that faculty do NOT check the box ‘Lock students into the browser until exam is completed’ under Advanced Settings (see screenshot). This can lead to problems accessing the quiz if the student loses internet access while taking the quiz.

Practice Course

Before requiring Respondus, both faculty and students can experience it from a student’s perspective to make sure the software is installed properly and to anticipate the kinds of problems that might arise. To try it, make sure you are logged into Moodle, and then click on this link to access the Respondus Practice course. Use the access code TC@1823 to enroll, and you can take two practice exams; one with LockDown Browser only, and the other with LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor.

If you have questions, please reach out to your instructional technologist. Early reports are that it can be glitchy on iPads, but certainly seems to work well on Windows and Mac computers and laptops. Update February 2021: Respondus will now work with Chromebooks if instructors select the. option ‘Allow students to use LockDown Browser for Chromebook (beta)’ in the LockDown browser settings. It is recommended that instructors survey their students before an exam to determine if anyone is using a Chromebook, and if so, review the Respondus documentation.

Update April 2021: Respondus now allows for live proctoring via Zoom, and you will see that option under the Respondus Monitor settings. Note that students will not be allowed to access the Zoom meeting controls during the test, but instructors can make announcements via Zoom to the entire class.

Training and Documentation

One hour training video for instructors:

LockDown Browser resources:

Respondus Monitor resources:

Rapid rollout instructions and FAQs for instructors: