I knew Trinity College would be thIMG_1133e best fit for me the second I stepped foot onto the campus. I felt a welcoming presence and an ambiance that resonated with me. I decided to ED (Early Decision) and was notified in December that I got accepted! Let me tell you, logging in to check whether I made it in or not was the most nerve-wrecking 20 seconds of my life, but I did it and now I am here and do not regret my decision one bit! I would say that one of my biggest strengths is that once I feel like I am ignorant in a particular subject or topic, I use several resources to retain that knowledge and become educated on that particular topic. However, I need to work on procrastinating a lost less than I already do if I want to go the International Studies route; this major is writing intensive and I need to prepare myself, mentally, for that.



I have received a couple of honors/awards throughout my high school career:

  • Academic High Honor Roll
  • National Honor Society: Kevin M. Edit Chapter
  • National History Day Finalist
  • Martin Luther King Service Award

Currently, in Trinity, I am a part of:


Volunteer to work on houses
Talk about pertinent issues within society
Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 3.52.01 PM
Black Student Union

Note: The photo is a link to get more information about the organizations.

Slide Design Assignment

For this assignment, I was in charge of denoting the qualities of a powerpoint titled “Kill Procrastination.” Had to look at the design elements that the creator of the powerpoint used. Varied from looking at the colors that was chosen for the powerpoint to the typography.

Interview with Professor Hanna

The Interview Why did you choose the field? How do you start research? What is the process by which you look for information? How did you learn how to research? What excites/frustrates you about your research? In what way does you research involve working with other researchers? Had a grant and scholarship to do masters…

Primary Research by Discipline

The database/web site that I used to find my primary research is: The author the primary source is William Sherlock (1641-1707). The primary source was created on 1694 The material it contains is a discussion with regards to the “divine providence” in London. The approach I took to find this primary source was that I needed…

Social Media vs Traditional News Sources

Social Media: Both of these photos were retweeted several times, and would no doubt call attention to people who retain there information from Twitter. However, both pictures are a bit questionable because their source does not seem 100% legit, and could easily be feeding people invalid information. While it does mention the “Conflict Armament Research”…

Conducting Scholarly Research in Public Policy and Law

I conducted research on the major Public Policy and Law by using the Trinity College Library Catalog and identifying which databases satisfied my major. I derived keywords relevant to the major to put in the database to present me with scholarly articles that favored me.