I decided to specify that my nickname was Mac on my Trinity application. Throughout my life, I generally introduced myself as Mackenzie, while closer family and friends always referred to me as Mac. Upon coming to Trinity, I was exclusively called Mac. My teammates on the field hockey team didn’t even know, at first, that my full name was Mackenzie.

I think that this name specification is a good analogy for growing up and growing as a person. “Mac” embodies more of who I am on a personal and distinctive level.

Field hockey, academics, exciting experiences, and community are big for me. I walked on to the field hockey team my freshman year and that was a huge accomplishment and proud moment in my life. Being on the team is a very significant identifier for me. Everyday in practice I push myself to better my skills, and that carries over to generally bettering myself as “Mac”. I have also always been very passionate about excelling in school and evolving with new experiences and opportunities. Being at Trinity has helped me to expand my knowledge and skills while also “learning how to learn” and committing to my Economics major.

Coming to Trinity has also instilled a sense of pride in my hometown within myself. While most people are from the surrounding Connecticut or Massachusetts area, being from Bethesda, Maryland has helped me separate myself and be proud of my roots. At the same time, having the foundation of strong ties at home has helped me also seek strong ties at Trinity. I have found a great community here that has enhanced my experience to the max.