Alternative sports:

I generally have a great knowledge about sports, I could teach tennis, swimming, could organize running training, play soccer or almost any kind of team sport where a ball is involved. It is, however, much more interesting to play alternative sports. I can offer instructions in different ways of juggling (with 3 balls, poi or meteors- and it is also fun to create these tools in a workshop) and basic acrobatics operating with body-balance. My favorite is doing sport-equality workshops. It basically means that a regular soccer or basketball game is taking place with special rules according to the power-relationships between the teams during the game. The goal is to create the most enjoyable fair-play experience. It is also a good tool, a basis for discussions about equality, social justice, fair play in sports and other fields of life and some human right issues.


An other example is a game that I mostly played with kids at the Orphanage of Velence in Hungary. It is called sheet-volley, and it is a great tool if you have to work with a larger number of kids who are sometimes in sometimes out of the game, whose attention is scattered, and whom you cannot really discipline (and you don`t even want to because the most important is to engage in playing). The way its played is simple: there are two teams standing on each side of the volleyball net, and they have to pass the volleyball to each other by working together pulling the sheet in sync.  It is challenging and reinforces group work  at the same time no one can be particularly good or bad at it, so it does not create competition and frustration on an individual level. In this game the aim is to participate and enjoy.