Artist of Life Youth Association

in Local, Non-Formal Education, Non-Profit work

The Artists of Life Association (Életművész Ifjúsági Egyesület) is a young and enthusiastic organisation actively
taking part in local, regional (the region of Lake Velencei) and international youth work. Our basic principle is to give
space, create opportunities and support young people with different social and cultural backgrounds in realizing their
ideas, develop their talents in several fields and open their perspectives by realizing mentor and coach programs,
building a supporting, inspiring community and discovering new local and international opportunities. Therefore we look
for cooperation and work on building networks with different non-governmental and governmental, profit and non-profit
We organise different activities e.g. sport days, art workshops, events connected with the music, dances and
gastronomy of different cultures, tea afternoons, festivals, trainings for youth workers, volunteers and professionals.
An important part of our work is to support children and young people with less opportunities or living under state
care, helping their integration into the local community. We would like to raise awareness for democracy, history,
environmental issues and the importance of recycling – we would like to create and opened, eco-conscious and creative
community with many personal connections, friendships.
The staff of the organisation is composed of many volunteers (teachers, youth workers, leaders, who work on different
levels in the association.

Artist of life basically wants to refer to a person who is multi-faceted and can find his/her way in multiple fields of life.