The first semester at Trinity I spent my “Organizing by Neighborhood” internship at Billings Forge Community Works.( I worked in their after school program 3 or 4 days a week, where I helped the children with their homework, and just generally supervised and participated in the afternoon activities e.g.: drumming on Tuesdays, art (drawing, painting, crafts)on Wednesdays, sports on Thursdays and cooking on Fridays. I really liked the cooking part as it was something that the kids enjoyed doing as well and I felt it can be useful for them for the future as well. All the ingredients were organic and some of them was grown in the garden just behind the afterschool building.

Once in October we took the children on a fieldtrip to the Aurefarm, Bloomfield CT, where they could pick apples and make apple cider from it with their own hands. They were very excited about the trip and enjoyed being out in the nature a lot, had a lot of fun during the whole time.

At BFCW I also got to know “The kitchen”, where cooking programs take place, and I volunteered to serve food on their annual Farm-to-Table fundraising event in October at Billings Forge`s for-profit restaurant called Firebox. I was especially fascinated by the connection of the restaurant and the non-profit as I am doing research on social entrepreneurship and it is a great example a hybrid value chains models presented by the Ashoka organization. ( I still volunteer for BFCW every Friday in the after school program.