The first semester at Trinity I spent my “Organizing by Neighborhood” internship at Billings Forge Community Works.( I worked in their after school program 3 or 4 days a week, where I helped the children with their homework, and just generally supervised and participated in the afternoon activities e.g.: drumming on Tuesdays, art (drawing, painting, crafts)on Wednesdays, sports […]

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I am working on UCAN`s CliCK (Commercially Licensed Cooperative Kitchen) project, looking for available grants for funding, applying for grants, and writing a case study on CliCK as part of a research on Social Entrepreneurship.

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This is the starting point of my youthworker career. In the first year of high school (2005) I was selected out of 200 girls, to go to the American, Louis August Jonas Foundation`s summer camp in Denmark for 2 month. I lived there in a so called “intetional community” with 42 girls from 35 different […]

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