Non-Formal Education

Non-formal education is something that we do not learn at school, but somewhere else. I categorize all those experiences here that I had in the Europen Union`s Youth in Action Program, or any training course, summers school, extra class that I took out of the formal educational System. For being a participant I mostly gained Youthpass i.e.: a document that serves as a more formal certification of the gained experience by self-evaluation along with the 8 key-competences of Life Long Learning. I have a coaching certificate from 2009, from an international training course :Coaching 4 Creativity, in Hungary, and an other certificate from 2012 by the Olde Vechte Foundation after participating at their “Practising Coashing training”

Artist of Life Youth Association

The Artists of Life Association (Életművész Ifjúsági Egyesület) is a young and enthusiastic organisation actively taking part in local, regional (the region of Lake Velencei) and international youth work. Our basic principle is to give space, create opportunities and support young people with different social and cultural backgrounds in realizing their ideas, develop their talents […]

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This is the starting point of my youthworker career. In the first year of high school (2005) I was selected out of 200 girls, to go to the American, Louis August Jonas Foundation`s summer camp in Denmark for 2 month. I lived there in a so called “intetional community” with 42 girls from 35 different […]

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Alternative sports

Alternative sports: I generally have a great knowledge about sports, I could teach tennis, swimming, could organize running training, play soccer or almost any kind of team sport where a ball is involved. It is, however, much more interesting to play alternative sports. I can offer instructions in different ways of juggling (with 3 balls, […]

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I love ice-breakers, energizers, name games and team building games and I can come up with serious or funny ones, with or without movement, ones that include music or singing /acting and ones that require silence. I learned most of them during intercultural youth exchanges. They can be easily incorporated in the everyday life of […]

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