I enrolled at ELTE- Eotvos Lorand University, in 2008 as a first year student of English Studies major. After the first year we had to specialize to either English or American studies. I chose American studies because I was interested in the cultural and social issues of the United States and it have been fascinated by their ideals of community and enthusiasm in supporting people with innovative ideas and generally about the rhetoric in which they talk about values e.g.: and
I was fascinated by how bravely and how often they say that they do something because “ they want to help people or they want to change the world for the better”. These big words have resonated with my idea of my future job, I always knew that I would like to do something that helps humanity on. After 3 semesters I did not feel that literature, linguistics and history classes contribute to my future plans so I took a year off and worked full time with my youth association on different projects in Hungary and Europe. After I went back to American studies I appreciated it a lot more and I started to pay attention to the way we are taught there and I racionalized that American studies and speaking English well will be useful international level.