Semmelweis University of Physical Education

I attended Semmelweis University(TF) for 2 years from 2010 fall to 2012 spring and studied Recreation and Health Improvement Management. I chose to do this second university because I have always been involved in sports, and as I did a lot of voluntary work in my free-time that mostly involved youth (either on an international or local level, at-risk youth or talented ones, children from the orphanage, and minority youth) and I discovered that sport-related non-formal educational methods worked the best with them. As I youth worker I acquired a lot of experiential knowledge on team-building games, sports methodology in community work, and I could generally see the positive effects of movement in education, so I wanted to get some theoretical background to it from the Physical Education (TF) faculty of the university.
Unfortunately the material that was thought did was not the most up-to-date, and did not always meet my expectations, nevertheless I found great teaching role models at TF and gained great ideas for future projects. I was able to incorporate some of the things learned at TF to the intercultural youth exchanges that I organized.

Alternative sports

Alternative sports: I generally have a great knowledge about sports, I could teach tennis, swimming, could organize running training, play soccer or almost any kind of team sport where a ball is involved. It is, however, much more interesting to play alternative sports. I can offer instructions in different ways of juggling (with 3 balls, […]

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I love ice-breakers, energizers, name games and team building games and I can come up with serious or funny ones, with or without movement, ones that include music or singing /acting and ones that require silence. I learned most of them during intercultural youth exchanges. They can be easily incorporated in the everyday life of […]

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