Trinity College

In the academic year of 2012-2013 I enrolled in Trinity College, as a Kellner Scholar, an exchange/international student. I received this prestigious scholarship mainly because of my interest in the global non-profit sector, and my aim was to explore as much of the nonprofit as possible in the US, and compare it with my European/Hungarian civic-sector experiences. I had the privilege to take classes that I was interested in, and I choose courses mostly from “Community Action”, “Educational Studies”, and “Theater and Dance” majors.
In this section I will describe some of the classes I have taken and were influential for me.


The first semester at Trinity I spent my “Organizing by Neighborhood” internship at Billings Forge Community Works.( I worked in their after school program 3 or 4 days a week, where I helped the children with their homework, and just generally supervised and participated in the afternoon activities e.g.: drumming on Tuesdays, art (drawing, painting, crafts)on Wednesdays, sports […]

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Kellner Scholarship

Mr. George A. Kellner is a  Hungarian-American businessman  and Trinity alumnus, who graduated in 1964. Most people can notice at Trinity that the Squash Center is named after him. Since 1991 he gives the opportunity to sxi talented Hungarian college students to study abroad in the US and expand their worldview and possibilities. Three students can attend Bard […]

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Inside the nonprofit sector

“Inside the Nonprofit Sector” was a class I just simply could not miss out on. It had all in one everything that I wanted to know about the theoretical background of the American philanthropy, the financial and public policy background of the sector and I finally got some answers to the some old questions, e.g.: […]

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Education and Social Change Across the Globe

The most memorable class for me in the first semster at Trinity was the “Education and Social Change Across the Globe”, because of the inspiring teacher and active class participation by everyone. Professor Dyrness is a magnificent teacher who`s enthusiasm is contagious. It was very good to have such a class in a formal educational setting, with an […]

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Organizing by Neighborhood

The organizing by Neighborhood class was a great experience for me because we have not only learned about basic organizing principles but also got to practice and observe things at our internship place and evaluate them. As part of this class I worked at Billings Forge Community Work`s after school program 3 or 4 days […]

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