Education and Social Change Across the Globe

in Pedagogy, Trinity College

The most memorable class for me in the first semster at Trinity was the “Education and Social Change Across the Globe”, because of the inspiring teacher and active class participation by everyone. Professor Dyrness is a magnificent teacher who`s enthusiasm is contagious. It was very good to have such a class in a formal educational setting, with an energy that I have only experienced on intercultural trainings before, and it really gave me wings. Although the workload was really challenging for me the material was so interesting that it kept me thinking about the issues we discussed for days and inspired me to do more research. The reading assignments and lecture materials were well- complemented and balanced with in-class group exercises, discussions, videos and presentations. We had Curtis Acosta visiting from Tucson High, Arizona giving a presentation on the banning of the Mexican- American Studies program, the interpretation of discrimination and showed a great example of student cooperation and non-violent demonstrations. I was insipred to write a response on the topic, that you can read here: Reflection paper


We had another guest talking about teacher cooperatives and Professor Dyrness always managed to link some current issue going on in the world to the material we were looking at e.g.: the strike of the teacher`s union in Chicago before the elections and its influence on the reputation of the teaching profession, or the 14-year old girl who was shot in Pakistan for going to school.

The official description of the class was:

“Through a comparative framework, this course examines the relationship between education and social change in various regions of the world. How do governments use schooling to produce certain kinds of citizens, and how do grassroots movements use education to resist these agendas? What role does education play in promoting democracy versus social and economic inequality? Students will conduct independent research on education in a country of their choice to contribute to the comparative framework.”

For a final project I did a research on Hungary`s educational system and I wrote my final paper on the Roma and Gypsy children`s failed integration in public schools, and the potentially working alternatives, the Gandhi High School in Pecs that is at the same time segregating Romani youth. Final Paper